The Loretto Difference

How Our Story Began

Loretto was founded in 1926 by the Syracuse Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church as the first Diocesan home for the aged in North America.  

In 1976, Loretto was restructured to meet the ever-increasing needs of older adults. It became a private, charitable, not-for-profit organization and expanded its services and developed a 33-acre campus on Brighton Avenue. 

Today, Loretto is a leading healthcare provider in Onondaga and Cayuga County, consisting of 19 specialized care programs that serves more than 10,000 individuals and their families. Our continuum of care offers diverse programs and services that can be accessed by individuals based on their current and anticipated future needs.

Over the past decades, the breadth and depth of Loretto's role in the community has grown as it responded to and explored the most meaningful ways to serve the needs of elders and their families. Loretto is committed to transforming elder care in Central New York by deinstitutionalizing nursing homes and long-term care services and replacing them with home-like settings utilizing person-first care.

A Difference You Can Feel

Loretto is a special place that invites residents, families, staff, and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. What makes us especially unique is:


Loretto believes that quality care is the product of quality relationships. We’ve been building those relationships in the Central New York community for nearly a century. Our programs, like our commitment, reach deep into the community, and serve adults of all ages, with a focus on transforming elder care. Loretto knows that people want to be a part of their community, which is why we do everything we can to keep our clients in their homes and with their families. 

Person-First Care

Loretto’s definition of care is seeing the person first. Seeing them as the individual they are by knowing their story, what gives them joy, hope and purpose. Those we serve are seen for what makes them who they are, their life contributions, legacy, interests, and preferences. Our model creates a home for elders to sustain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Loretto empowers and respects each elder with the autonomy they deserve. Our dedicated staff serves as both care partners and advocates.

Loretto has dedicated itself to building a person-first community through:

  • The adoption of the key principles of person-first care
  • Basing care on a holistic (mind, body and spirit) approach
  • Relationship based care that rooted in deep knowing.
  • Creating a sense of belonging.
  • Building a system of care, ranging from independent living for the most healthy and active of adults to skilled nursing or nursing home care in less institutional, more intimate and homelike environments for frail elders
  • Advocating for adults
  • Being an organization defined by quality
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