Be A Part of the Loretto Community

Loretto’s Mission: Loretto, rooted in a rich heritage of faith, honors, serves, and empowers every elder to live with purpose, wholeness, and dignity.

Loretto employees are guided by the organization’s five values:

  • Integrity
    Honesty is essential to trust. We at Loretto will ensure our words and actions are consistent and rooted in the well-being of all we serve.
  • Respect
    Each member of our community is held in high esteem. We at Loretto will honor the rights and traditions of each individual.
  • Compassion
    The greater the need, the larger our mission. We at Loretto consider compassionate care for the Elders to be our highest priority.
  • Excellence
    Outstanding care is our highest ideal. We at Loretto aspire to provide unparalleled service to our Elders and Caregivers through continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Collaboration
    The greatest accomplishments are achieved through teamwork. We at Loretto recognize that our relationships allow us to forge beyond our individual limitations and enable us to attain common goals.

A Safe Environment

Loretto’s Safety Program was established to provide systematic policies, procedures, rules, and practices that are adequate to recognize and protect our employees from occupational safety and health hazards. It is our intent to comply with all local, state, and federal safety standards, codes, and regulations.

Our objective at Loretto is a safety and health program that will minimize and control the number of disabling injuries and illnesses, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience of other operations similar to ours. Our goal is to become a leader in the control of losses to match our record and reputation.

Loretto’s W.A.V.E. (Working to Appreciate and Value Employees) Association

The mission of the W.A.V.E. association is to celebrate, empower and support the quality of work and life for Loretto employees. The association has focuses on 5 areas: Events, health and wellness, employee and community outreach, employee recognition and communications.

Events Committee

The mission of the Events Committee is to organize and plan activities, events, to create opportunities for interaction between employees that enhance and sustain positive morale and relationships between employees in all locations and at all levels in the company; and to coordinate enjoyable and rewarding activities, programs, and services for Loretto employees and their families. Examples of committee activities include the clambake, holiday party, NYC day trip and more!

Health & Wellness

The mission of the Health and Wellness Committee is to look increase awareness of benefits and behaviors associated with wellness and a healthy lifestyle. This committee focuses on helping employees make positive lifestyle changes and promote better health.

Employee Recognition

The Employee Recognition Committee develops and implements employee recognition programs that result in recognition for a job well-done and positive employee morale. Examples include the annual recognition event, perfect attendance and STAR awards.

Employee Communication

The Employee Communication Committee focuses on publicizing W.A.V.E. events through W.A.V.E. bulletin boards, e-mails, brochures. The committee also strives to help employees better understand Loretto’s business.

Employee and Community Outreach

The mission of the Employee and Community Outreach committee is to enhance the lives of Loretto employees while giving back to the community.