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How to Stay Connected During the Holidays

Staying connected to family and friends is more important than ever this year, especially during the holidays . 2020 has brought about different feelings for many, but one thing we have been able to do is find new and unique ways to stay connected.

5 Tips for Using Tech with Seniors during the Holidays

While many people have learned how to use new technologies for staying in contact with family, friends and colleagues throughout the pandemic, there are still challenges for some older adults.

Safeguarding Our Community with Technology

At Loretto, nothing is more important than keeping everyone, our residents, our employees and our visitors, safe and protected. During the time of COVID-19, technologies like Accushield kiosks have helped us to successfully achieve that goal.

Top 5 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time for a Career in Healthcare

During a time when things are continuously changing and it’s difficult to feel like you know what is secure, one industry continues to thrive: healthcare. If you are looking for a new career there is no better time than now!

Job Security

Mobile Medicine: New Approach to a Doctor’s Visit

The COVID-19 pandemic made in-person doctor’s visits especially complicated for older adults. PACE-CNY in Syracuse saw the need  for its program participants to have access to safe yet convenient medical check-ups, and introduced Mobile Med.

Safety, Affordability, and Moving into Assisted Living Facilities During COVID-19

Many individuals and families saw the silver lining while working from home this summer, taking advantage of having more time together.

elderly woman in her assisted living apartment

Helping Seniors Adjust to a New Living Environment

As we are all creatures of habit, moving into a new living environment can be a huge stressor on our loved ones. Here are a few tips to help ease into this transition and even find the excitement it will bring:

Memory Loss and COVID-19: Staying in Touch with Loved Ones

The COVID -19 pandemic has us all feeling unsettled. If you have a loved one living in a memory care facility or a loved one in an assisted living facility who has memory issues, you might be particularly concerned with their well-being during this difficult time.

Marketing Post-Covid With Loretto Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer

Julie Sheedy, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer at Loretto, talked with the Brooklyn-based Cardwell Beach marketing agency about the impact of COVID-19 on the senior care industry, the importance of clear communication during a crisis, why transparency and honesty is key in outreach, how con

How to Make the Most Out of Your First Socially Distant Visit to a Healthcare Facility

The day so many have been waiting for is finally now here - family and friends can now visit with their loved ones residing in healthcare facilities. Nursing home across New York State shut their doors back in mid-March, and no visitors have entered since.

Celebrating The Longest Day During A Pandemic

“The day with the most light is the day we fight.” This is one of the taglines that the Alzhiemer’s Association uses to describe The Longest Day fundraiser and it’s so inspirational. Any day caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can seem like the longest day.

Nutrition Facts to Enhance Overall Health

While scientists from around the world work to find solutions to the current pandemic, what can we do to promote good health? One thing we can do is to maintain a strong immune system. One factor in maintaining a strong immune system is nutrition.

4 Ways to Celebrate Our Moms During the Pandemic

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, yet another holiday will be spent showing our loved ones how special they are to us from a distance. Whether your mom lives 3,000 miles away or a mile down the road, we are all going to be celebrating from afar this year.

Staying Active: How to Support Your Body and Mental Health

As all of our routines have been so greatly interrupted by COVID-19 Pandemic it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of staying physically active. Many of us may be tempted to fill our time with sedentary activities such as watching TV.

How to Stay Connected to a Loved One with Memory Loss During a Pandemic

The COVID -19 pandemic has us all feeling unsettled. If you have a loved one living in a memory care facility or a loved one in an assisted living facility who has memory issues, you might be particularly concerned with their well-being during this difficult time.

How to Care for Your Loved One's Mental Health During COVID-19

At such an unprecedented time in all of our lives, it is hard not to constantly think about the coronavirus.

How Seniors Can Stay Connected to Loved Ones During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is in full effect all over the globe, leaving our elderly community most at risk during this time of uncertainty.

National Nutrition Month: How Seniors Can Practice Healthier Eating

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to celebrate then to start practicing healthy eating habits!

Why Older Adults Should Participate in Therapeutic Recreation

February is National Therapeutic Recreation Month, which is a great time to get yourself or the senior in your life involved in recreational activities. Recreational activities are known to improve one’s mood, stamina, and overall quality of life.

How to Celebrate Your Loved one on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time of year for the senior in your life, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things you can do to celebrate, even if you are far away.

7 Surprising Facts About Senior Living

Unfortunately, the words “assisted living” sometimes carry a taboo with them. It’s often a difficult and confusing topic to research and discuss with loved ones. We’re here to debunk myths and share 7 surprising facts that you might have not realized about assisted living.


New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

With the start of 2020 and a brand-new decade, now is the perfect time to pick up a resolution and reach goals.

Holiday Activity Ideas for Seniors

With the Holidays in full swing, now is the perfect time to spend some time with your loved one in assisted living. Visiting residents living in an assisted home, not just during the holidays but all year long, is so important.

Holiday Donation Ideas for Assisted Living Homes

The holidays spark a spirit of giving back to the community and unfortunately, assisted living homes are often overlooked places in need of donations. Residents living in these homes don’t always have visitors or loved ones who live nearby.

Life After Caregiving

Moving on after being a caregiver for so long can be an extremely difficult task. Not only are you faced with the grief of losing a loved one, but you are also faced with a drastic change in your daily life—no more caregiving.

How To Practice Self Care as a Caregiver

Perhaps one of the most important tasks you can have as a caregiver is knowing how to care for yourself first. When caring for one who cannot care for themselves, especially if that person is a loved one, it’s easy to overlook your own health.

Tips For Talking To Your Senior Parent's Doctor

Talking with your parents about the weather is an easy task, right? So why can it be so hard to discuss their health? Taking the right steps to discuss your mom or dad’s health with them and their doctor can lead you to the road of becoming a partner in your senior parent’s health.

elderly couple meeting with consultant

Things To Consider When Choosing A Life Insurance Policy

Choosing something as important as life insurance can seem like a very daunting task, especially when there are so many options out there to choose from.

adult day services outing

Celebrate National Adult Day Services Week

National Adult Day Services Week has been celebrated in the third week of September since 1983 when President Ronald Reagan declared it as a celebratory week. This week is meant to celebrate the wonderful services and programs needed to make adult day services available.

grandfather with child

How to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents are a very special part of our lives.

woman with elderly father and documents

What to Do if You Can't Afford Assisted Living

The fact is, assisted living is expensive. According to Paying for Senior Care, the average cost for senior care in New York State is $4,185 a month.

elderly woman gardening

Activities to Get Seniors Outside Before Summer Is Over & Help Improve Their Brain Health

Summer is coming to a close in CNY. Although longer days and green scenery might be slowly fading, there is still time to enjoy the outdoors to postpone those looming winter blues. Outdoor activities are sometimes hard to plan with your elderly loved ones due to immobility, medicine restrictions,

caregiver giving elderly woman a tour

5 Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Facility

When touring an assisted living facility, it’s easy to get caught up in the facts and numbers of each option. But what it really comes down to is this: Where do you see your elderly loved one thriving?

family barbeque

Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is finally here in CNY and chances are you can’t wait to get outside. With outdoor fun at the top of your activities list, it’s natural to want to bring your elderly loved one with you. However, the Sun affects us differently depending on our age!

elderly man running

5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age

As we age, it’s inevitable that our minds and bodies will age with us. With one person being diagnosed with dementia every 4 seconds globally, it’s important to take the preventative steps to protect your mental health now.

caregiver holding hands with patient

Caregiver Guilt: How to Cope with Entering a Loved One into Assisted Living

Are you a caregiver transitioning a loved one into assisted living? Are you wrestling with feelings of guilt? If so, please remember that you are not alone.

elderly man with dog

Pets & Seniors: Learn the benefits of Pet Therapy

When it comes to senior care, sometimes we have to think outside of the box. If medications and therapy don’t offer a full solution, it might be time to turn to our furry friends to get our patients on the path to success.

elderly woman dusting

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors & Their Caregivers

It finally feels like spring is here! The weather is warming, the grass is getting greener, and the trees are budding.

elderly woman gardening with grandchild

5 Ways to Get Your Elderly Loved One Outside This Spring

Though the first day of spring was officially on March 20th, now that we’ve hit April it’s starting to feel like spring has finally arrived. Winters in Central New York always seem to feel long, and this year’s was no exception.

people listening to medicaid discussion

Future of Medicaid? NY Senator Looks to Loretto

New York State Senator Rachel May, who is also the Chair of the Committee on Aging, visited Loretto to learn how our organization is currently operating, what challenges we are facing, and what ideas and opportunities we believe exist for

elderly woman eating

How to Encourage Seniors with Decreased Appetite to Eat

While it is normal for many to feel a loss of appetite as they age, it’s important if you see this happening with your loved one to make sure they’re eating enough, and still getting the nutrients they need.

elderly woman holding credit cards

How to Protect Your Elderly Loved One from Scams

While the world is filled with plenty of good people, it’s also a sad truth that there are also many individuals out there who don’t hesitate to take advantage of the elderly in the form of scams. While anyone can be a victim of a scam, senior citizens are especially susceptible.

caregiver holding patient hands

Why You Should Consider a Career in Senior Caregiving

Did you know? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in a little less than two years 17% of society will be over the age of 65.

Senior Friendly Winter Activities to Check Out in CNY

Winters in Central New York are no joke. With the cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls that often last into March, it can feel like the season will never end. Winter is especially difficult for seniors as it’s easy to feel shut in and isolated during these cold months.

elderly family member talking with younger relative

Talking to Loved Ones About Entering Assisted Living: A How-To

As you’ve been spending more time with family over the holidays, you may have noticed that a parent or elderly loved one doesn’t seem to be caring for themselves or their home as they used to.

senior with head in hands

The Holiday Blues: Why They Happen & What You Can Do to Help

While many individuals associate the holidays with happy times, they aren’t an easy time for everyone. The elderly can be especially vulnerable to the blues, both during and after the holidays.

caregiver holding hands with family member

5 Tips to Help Prevent Caregiver Burnout

If you’re the main family care giver for an elderly loved one, you already know the stress and worry that comes with this responsibility. This stress can feel doubled—especially as we continue heading into the holiday season. It’s important to remember that you are not alone.

family caregiver with her loved one

Day to Day Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One with Alzheimer’s Live More Comfortably

If you’re caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s, you already know the incredible amount of patience it can take. There are ups and downs, and good days and bad days.

make a difference sign with paper heart

5 Reasons You Should Volunteer at an Assisted Living Facility

October 27th is National Make a Difference Day. This is a day dedicated to community service, and making a difference in the lives of others. One way you can participate? Volunteer some of your time to help care for the elderly!

palliative care heart with stethoscope

FAQ: What is Palliative Care & How Can It Help My Elderly Loved One?

If you or an elderly loved one are suffering from a chronic illness or disease, there are options that can help improve your quality of life, manage your illness even if there is no cure, and provide caregiver support.

caregiver with adult patient

How Adult Day Care Services Can Benefit Both Adults & Their Caregivers

Have you had a change in your health condition or are you struggling to manage daily medical needs on your own? A Medical Day Program might be right for you. Or, do you have a loved one at home but work and need help during the day?

midway at the fair

Check Out These Senior Friendly Activities & Attractions at the NYS Fair

It’s that time of year again…the New York State Fair has begun! The fair runs from August 22nd to September 3rd and features all kinds of attractions, exhibits, music, and food.

assisted living group exercise

5 Common Myths About Assisted Living

Assisted living is a long-term care option that can support your elderly loved one with personal care and daily activities. Assisted living programs provide help with things like bathing, dressing, and medication management, and provide meals for those who can no longer cook for themselves.

caregiving holding elderly hand

The Pros and Cons of Remaining at Home vs. Going into Assisted Living

It’s a decision we will all have to make as we age: Is it better to age in place at home, or is it time to go into assisted living? It isn’t an easy question to answer, and the option that works for one individual may not be the best choice for another.

elderly man sitting outside

Check Out These Senior Friendly Summer Activities in CNY

If you and your elderly loved one are looking for something fun to do this summer, you’re in luck! The Central New York region has plenty of senior friendly activities to choose from, whether you want to spend some time outside, or escape the heat indoors.

caregiver with patient at home

How to Prepare Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, consisting of memory loss and a decline in cognitive abilities that worsen over time.

nurse with patient

Why the Time is Now to Consider a Nursing Career

Do you enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of others? Do you have an interest in healthcare? Are you looking for a rewarding and meaningful career? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should be considering a career in nursing!

FAQ: How is Specialized Memory Care Different from Assisted Living?

While memory care programs offer many of the same services and benefits as those found in an assisted living community, these programs take extra steps to provide specialized care for those experiencing Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other types of memory loss.

How Patients Can Benefit from a TeliStat™ Restorative Care Unit

As a leader of comprehensive healthcare services in Central New York, Loretto actively invests in its employees, medical research, and new technologies to continue the mission of providing high quality care in the community.

Estate Planning

The 5 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

No one likes to think about the time after they or their loved ones pass away, but it’s important to plan for the inevitable.

Learn the Truth About These Common Senior Nutrition Myths

While it is true that seniors have unique nutritional needs, and that eating well can improve quality of life, there are plenty of myths that surround that truth.

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