2020 Heroes & Hope Appeal

Like many organizations are doing during this pandemic, the Loretto Foundation has decided to cancel its Fall Celebration Luncheon out of an abundance of caution. But we still would love to have your support. As you can imagine, like many other businesses and healthcare systems across the nation, Loretto has been crippled by the unplanned expenses associated with this pandemic, combined with historically low census numbers.

Given this, we are launching a special 2020 Celebration Appeal. Structured similarly to our Luncheon sponsor program, your donation would go to support one of four areas of your choice:

• Resident and Family Visitation Areas
• Employee Relief Programs
• Memory Care
• Wherever the need is most urgent

2020 Sponsorship Form

And for those who have been guests at our luncheon each year, please consider donating the value of your $125 ticket to this appeal or another monetary donation of your choice.

This video is just a glimpse of how Loretto has continued to thrive during this pandemic, thanks to a generous and giving community and staff. Thank you for considering our Appeal.

Thank You To Our 2020 Heroes and Hope Appeal Donors!





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