Meet Our Loretto Leadership Team

Staff Member Contact Information

Dr. Kim Townsend

President and CEO

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(315) 413-3927

John Murray

Chief Financial Officer
(315) 413-3206

Brandon Claps

Chief Information Officer
(315) 413-3633

Holly Hoehner

Vice President, General Counsel
(315) 413-3660

Julie L. Sheedy

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, Marketing, Foundation and Recruitment
(315) 413-3480

Brenda McCutcheon

Vice President, Mission (Therapeutic Recreation, Spiritual Care)
(315) 413-3364

Jennifer Ingerson

Vice President, Housing
(315) 413-3600

Stephanie Button

Vice President, PACE
(315) 413-3437

Joelle Margrey

Vice President, SNF Nursing
(315) 413-3921

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