Assistant Cook

Career Details:

Type: Dining Services

Hours: Regular Part-Time

Shift: Varies

Weekend Required: Yes

Weekend Shift Details: Must be able to work weekends

Location: Nottingham

City: Jamesville

Openings: 1


Follows the direction of the Manager or Crew Leader.  Prepares and seasons numerous varieties of foods per verbal or written information, provided by the Manager or Crew Leader.  Cooks a variety of foods per information provided by production sheets, standardized, recipes, and verbal instruction.  Must be able to prepare food in a variety of modified consistencies and for therapeutic diets and portion control.  Must be able to work with a variety of cook/chill equipment.


High School Diploma or GED. Previous cook experience.


Following production sheets or recipes, creates food items from scratch in large kettles.  Operates a mobile pump and tumble chiller. Responsible for sanitation of all cooking and preparation equipment used.  Rotates all inventory daily in each responsible area, ensuring that items are stored chronologically (items stored first are dispatched first).  Must be computer literate with the ability to print labels, modify recipes, and change ribbons. Maintain area in a clean and sanitary fashion.  Operate, clean, and maintain all types of combination ovens.

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