Laundry-Linen Aide

Career Details:

Type: Housekeeping / Maintenance

Hours: Regular Part-Time

Shift: Varies

Weekend Required: Yes

Weekend Shift Details: Every fourth

Location: Loretto Health & Rehabilitation

City: Syracuse

Openings: 1

  • Delivery of linen and briefs to floors.
  • Responsible for the washing and drying of residents personal belongings.
  • Responsible for hanging/sorting residents personal belongings.
  • Responsible for marking (labeling) residents belongings.
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean work area.
  • Must fully participate in Loretto’s Quality Assurance Programs and follow all Loretto policies and procedures.
  • High School Graduate or equivalent preferred.
  • Must be able to read, write clearly, and comprehend oral and written directions.

Must learn and perform tasks pertinent to assigned and other related positions.


Must use and understand operating instructions of all washers and dryers.

  • Must know and use all infection control procedures that apply to Laundry.
  • Must read resident board and garment when sorting resident laundry to fold.
  • Must separate unmarked garments-bag if identifiable, put aside to be labeled, if not-dispose of properly.
  • Must understand/use the Thermopatch Labeling System to print, enter and make changes in the computer program.
  • Must update resident board as needed.
  • Must wash, dry and hang 1 to 2 teams of laundry that is brought down on Sundays.
  • Must not leave Laundry area unattended, except for authorized breaks/lunch or in an emergency, i.e fire alarms.
  • Must perform daily maintenance of washers and dryers, i.e lint traps, etc., as designated by supervisor.
  • Must maintain a clean work area including the wiping down of machines, dry and wet mopping the floor, cleaning the sink, emptying the trash, etc.
  • Must fill out logs that are posted.
  • Must communicate any conflicts, incidents or concerns that arise to Supervisor.
  • Must complete any other task or job that is assigned.
  • Deliver clean linen daily.
  • Deliver briefs and supplies to floor as directed.
  • Fill empty carts from floors.
  • Throw soiled linen down chute or pick up as directed.
  • Must take inventory as directed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Checks with OT, PT, OPPT, Dental, Beauty Shop, and McAuliffe Daily for their needs.
  • Must communicate any conflicts, incident, or concerns that arise to supervisor.
  • Must complete any other task or job that is assigned.
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