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Help support our 2020 Heroes & Hope Appeal to continue to provide the best life possible for our residents and staff during these challenging times. DONATE TODAY! 

We are a not-for-profit organization established to advocate for elders and support Loretto's role as an innovator in long-term care. Each gift to The Loretto Foundation provides the power to make ordinary extraordinary for our residents, participants and employees.

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Purpose, Wholeness and Dignity

"Through fundraising initiatives, and a varierty of giving opportunities, the Loretto Foundation continues to invest over $250,000 a year back into the organization. Gifts to the Foundation help to enhance safe and secure facilities and provide enriched programming that supports the vast needs of our aging population so that we can ensure they live out their lives with Purpose, Wholeness and Dignity."

Loretto Foundation Board Members

  • Peter Muserlian, Chair
  • Cora Alsante, Esq.
  • Kevin Bryans
  • John P. Condon
  • Pierre Morrisseau
  • Helene Wallace
  • Michael Zandri
  • Jason Smorol
  • Lisa Sonneborn
  • Paul Predmore
  • Jeff Knauss
  • Greg Lancette
  • Msgr. J. Robert Yeazel
  • Liza Magley
  • Claudia Kosty
  • Crystal Paolelli
  • Barbara Kimm
  • Randall Green, MD

Thinking back when my mom Rose started in June of 2012...All the wonderful people she and my husband and I met. Wanting everyone who works at Loretto PACE to know each and every person is such a blessing for all you do to care for our elders, moms, dads, etc. May God Bless you all & give you your continued strength & compassion for others.

With Gratitude & Blessings, Roseanne Suskin

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