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Director of Admissions
Years of service: 6

Meet Beth Rabuano, RN, Director of Admissions. You may know her from Auburn, she was born here. Beth works directly with families and patients like you to clear up confusion about insurance coverage and benefits.

RELAX. We’re here to help.

At The Commons on St. Anthony, we understand the stress that comes with choosing short-term rehabilitation or skilled nursing care. We’re here to make the process smooth and be reassuring.

By choosing The Commons on St. Anthony, you’ve placed your trust in us—and we take that trust very seriously. Which is why we’re committed to providing you with state-of-the-art health care and services to meet you or your loved ones’ unique needs. If you haven’t visited our brand-new facility, call for a tour or take a look at our virtual tour. We think it’ll help put your mind at ease.

Next, we’ll make the transition as easy as possible. If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to call our admissions office at (315) 282-6849. That’s exactly what we’re here for. 

Long term care: Getting started

Step one:
Complete our Resident Application and Financial Disclosure Form. Or call the admissions office at (315) 282-6849, and we’ll mail or fax one to you. Rest assured, all information you provide in this document is confidential. You may then fax it to us at (315) 255-0472, or mail it to:

The Commons on St. Anthony -- Admissions
Attn: Beth Rabuano
3 St. Anthony Street, Auburn, NY 13021

Step Two:
Provide the following so we can evaluate you, or your senior:

  1. A current Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and screen within 90 days of application is needed. A PRI is a NYS mandated medical assessment tool that determines long-term care eligibility and what level of care they require. It’s completed by a certified community PRI service or by the hospital (if applicant is currently in the hospital). A few PRI services are listed below.

    Admissions from the hospital: Please let the social worker know you’re interested in The Commons on St. Anthony. They will also be able to do the PRI there.

    Admissions from home: If your loved one is currently being cared for at home, the home care agency can complete the PRI and screen, and obtain the other information from their physician.

  2. A signed HIPAA form, which we use to request medical history and information from the patient’s primary care physician. (This is not necessary for patients coming from a hospital.)
  3. Any Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and MOLST forms that the patient may have in effect.
  4. Copies of all the patient’s insurance cards, Social Security card and photo ID.
  5. When seeking long-term placement, we may ask that you also provide copies of current bank statements and other account statements with the completed application

Rehabilitation Care. Reserve your room!

Did you know you can choose your own care center for rehabilitation after surgery or a hospital stay? When planning a surgery, you don’t need to wait — you can do your research now. Come for a tour and pre-plan your rehabilitation stay with us. We’ll reserve your room, acquaint you with the services available, and introduce you to our caregivers.

To start the process, Click Here to get our pre-admissions application. This preliminary information is all we need to get the process started. You can submit it by mailing, faxing (315) 255-0472 or emailing

Then, tell your social worker or physician that you’d like to have your rehabilitation program at The Commons on St. Anthony.  

Remember, it’s your choice! Two days before your surgery,

Call (315) 282-6849 to speak directly to our admissions staff.



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