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Joyce Cowell


Two parents find comfort and recovery at The Commons

How one daughter came to trust a facility for both her mom and dad

Joyce Cowell, of Elbridge, N.Y., entrusted both of her parents, Elizabeth and Ken Barnett, to The Commons on St. Anthony. In 2007, Ken was suffering complications from a medication he’d been taking, and after a hospital stay, he went to The Commons for rehabilitation. During rehab, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Although he was able to go home for a few years, Ken’s symptoms worsened, and the time came to find a facility for long term care.

“We wanted him to go to The Commons because we had confidence there,” Joyce says. “The staff is golden,” she says. “They really care.”

Her dad passed away in September 2015, survived by his wife, Elizabeth. And in March 2016, after a fall, she too needed a rehabilitation facility.

“After my mother fell and went to the hospital, we had a few options for rehabilitation. We didn’t want any place except The Commons because they treated my father with respect and love. Mother would have waited for a bed there if she had to.”

Today, rehabilitation is going well. Elizabeth received a warm greeting at The Commons when she arrived for rehab.

“My mom and I were there constantly when my dad was in, and they remembered her. When she arrived, they were her cheering section. They gave her hugs,” Joyce says. “She had occupational and physical therapy twice a day. Soon, she was up and walking. It’s miraculous. The staff encouraged her and got her going to the point that she said ‘I’m ready to go home today!’ My mother is fierce. She is very independent at 91.”

Joyce believes the atmosphere keeps patients in good spirits, their minds engaged, and bodies active.

“The activities they are constant and fabulous. They keep people going.,” Joyce says. "The staff does activities with the residents on a daily basis and bring everybody together. It’s like an extended family.”

Joyce is so happy with the care her parents have received, she already knows where she will choose to have long-term care or rehabilitation, if the time comes.

“When I get up there and I need help, The Commons is where I’ll be going as well. I have total faith in the whole staff there.”

Joyce Cowell of Elbridge, N.Y.
Daughter of Elizabeth and Ken Barnett, former residents of The Commons




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