The Story Behind The Heritage Pinwheels

Ronda Garlow is the daughter of one of our residents at The Heritage. Ronda is very close with her mother and felt panicked when she learned that she would no longer be permitted visit her due to restrictions set into place in response to COVID-19. Ronda decided she would plant a garden of pinwheels for her mom outside of her window - giving them a way to stay connected and assuring her mom that she is still there for her.

"I visit The Heritage 3 times a week and plant 2-3 pinwheels each time. Just yesterday, while on the phone with my mother, she counted 21 pinwheels and went back to name the various colors and said whether the wind was making them twirl or not. This was my goal, to have this connection, any connection to my mother as we move through this uncertain time. My mother asked me how many more pinwheels I would add, I said I did not know and that I hoped it wouldn’t grow too much bigger.

I promised her that’d we’d watch it grow together and that before long we’d be able to stand beside each other in the garden."

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