Caring For The Dying

At Loretto, we cherish the opportunity to care for those nearing the end of their lives. We believe that life is sacred and we should celebrate the lives and legacies of those entrusted to us. Because of the close relationships formed with those we serve, as see this time as privileged and are committed to walking alongside our families and their loved ones. We oftentimes consider ourselves not only to be staff members, but family members as well. Becoming part of your story is an honor and we love to fold back the chapters and share that blessing.

This usually means hosting a Service of Remembrance for a patient and their family, all of whom we’ve come to know so dearly. But sometimes our patients outlive their loved ones so we’ve also held services for spouses, children, and grandchildren.

Support of the dying is integral to the mission of Loretto. Our vision is to continue to provide training and to develop a model of end of life care that is person first as well as the resources necessary to fulfill this mission. 


  • Companioning
  • Pet visits, many former pet owners, like to have a pet near in their final days.
  • Spiritual Care for presence with loved ones, or with those dying desiring prayer and support.
  • Music at the bedside of their choice.
  • Overnight accommodations for loved ones who wish to vigil.
  • We anticipate milestones and celebrate them early
  • We try to create pleasure in the moment, a hand massage, a song sung, reading of the newspaper if that is what was past practice, or a devotional.
  • It is time to look through pictures, share memories, offer some nice lotion, watch a favorite movie
  • It is never too late, to take joy moments into the final hours.
  • We can embrace your loved one’s story on site at Loretto in the community where the individual lived, by offering a memorial service.
  • You can coordinate a day and time that allows all who influenced the individual’s story to attend—the family, public, staff, and other residents.
  • You can reserve space and other resources for a reception.
  • Work with one of the chaplains across the Loretto system to design a person-first, meaningful service.
  • And if there is interest in arranging Calling Hours, Mass, organist, and soloist at the Cunningham/ Fahey and Heritage communities’ have chapels.


The administrator or recreation director at your community, or Brenda J. McCutcheon, VP of Mission, at (315) 413-3364 or

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