Complex Medical Care

The Complex Medical Care offered at Loretto gives us the unique ability to care for clinical needs that would otherwise require individuals to remain in an acute care setting. The elders benefiting from these services can choose to socialize or quietly recuperate throughout treatment. Our coordinated program has lead to successful recoveries again and again through the efforts of our:

  • Medical specialists
  • NPs
  • Physicians
  • RNs


  • Full coverage by our staff 
  • Administering complex medication with high frequency
  • Specialized medication education and delivery
  • Treatment and monitoring of complicated wounds with high frequency
  • Intense Rehab program on site


  • Medical referral
  • Needs skilled treatments such as Multiple Intravenous Antibiotics, Wound-Vac Therapy, special disabilities, and TPN
  • Example: Oncology patient may need specific medications delivered over the course of several days with close monitoring


Loretto Admissions Office at (315) 469-5570

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