We hope for everyone’s story to begin and end with health—that’s why nutrition is vital part of Loretto’s proven care plan. And although we have one of CNY’s largest and most diverse staff of Registered Dietitians, we provide the same level of high-quality care and personalized attention to each individual. We work side-by-side with other departments sharing our knowledge and ensuring a continuum of health with our:  

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Diet Technicians
  • Diet Clerks


  • Upon the first few days of admission, the elder, family, and/or designated representatives meet with a Registered Dietitian or Diet Technician who assesses and plans meals based on a discussion of individual needs and preferences.
  • Nutrition Team provides an individual therapeutic diet with nutritional information to make appropriate food choices for the treatment plan.
  • Elder or family member can contact the team Monday-Friday or through the Nursing Supervisor on weekends with any issues or concerns.


Maureen Fauler; MHA, RD, CDN; Manager of Nutrition Science; at (315) 413-3651 or

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