Sage-ing ©

Sage-ing© is the act of approaching aging as a story filled with deepening wisdom, continued learning, and expanding possibilities. It includes a process of self-development that enhances interpersonal relationships, hones communication skills and cultivates a valuation of elders as mentors and wise counsel in the community.

Sage-ing© is Loretto’s way of focusing on potential, honor, connection, and fullness of life instead of diminishment. Its values perfectly align with our belief in celebrating, sharing, and healing the stories we’re privileged to be a part of.

We affirm the gift of years, challenge the images of our aging society, and help to unearth the treasures and learnings of one’s life for future generations. By listening to our elders’ gleanings, teachings, and life experiences, we’ll see they still have so much to contribute to our world today.


  • Workshops and resources provided by Certified Sage-ing© Leader Brenda McCutcheon.
  • Philosophy is woven into our spiritual care services and person-first programming.
  • Affiliation with many youth and young adult organizations with intergenerational bestowal as a meaningful way to build bridges between the generations.
  • Exploration of Sage-ing© tenets—Life Review, Creating our Legacy, Repairing our Relationships, Embracing our Mortality, Intergenerational Bestowal, and Elders as Teachers.
  • Teachings based on the book From Aging to Sage-ing, A Profound New Vision of Growing Older based on the work of Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.
  • Exposure to a new way of thinking, dialoguing, viewing, and embracing growing older.
  • Imparts the wisdom of lived experience, embodying a deeper awareness of the gift of years.


Brenda J. McCutcheon, VP of Mission and Certified Sage-ing© Leader, at (315) 413-3364 or

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