Tribute Tree Program

The Loretto Foundation’s Tribute Tree Program allows generous donors to give gifts of love, honor, and appreciation for those we have lost, things that we have accomplished, and others who have helped us when we needed it most. Located at our Cunningham/Fahey, PACE North, The Heritage, Buckley Landing, and The Nottingham locations, these gifts are represented by tree leaves and branches that act as a physical reminder that we are all connected by the same vision: to live with purpose, wholeness, and dignity.

Tribute Tree donations are classified according to amount, which correspond to four different aspects of the composition, starting with a bronze leaf and leading all the way up to an entire branch of the symbolic tree of life. The allocations are as follows:

-Branch of Life: $2500

-Gold Leaf: $1000

-Silver Leaf: $500

-Bronze Leaf: $250

The overall composition of our Tribute Trees emphasizes that all gifts are appreciated and unite us under the same purpose.

Donate online today and select "Tribute Gift" or if you would like to learn more about this program, contact The Loretto Foundation at or (315) 413-3482.

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